Grumpy Ember

Every once in a while, I get a little pissy, mad, sulky, sullen and moody.  I call it being Grumpy Ember!  I am a total bitch.  See that sideboard, laden with flowers, teas, cold drinks, my feet are actually up on the lazy boy couch...and now check out that face.  Look at that mood.  Words cannot describe how miserable I feel at certain times.  I'm almost 50 years old and it's at this time I find myself embroiled in croning "EWWWW GROSS!!!"  Hot flashes knock me on my ass, at times I'm neauseaous.  I lose my focus, I become forgetful, I suffer with self loathing and an increase in my weight that I find intolerable.  The greys in my hair mock me and I really just want to be by myself.
Do I feel like this all the time. "HELL NO!!!"  I sometimes feel all these emotions at once, sometimes one at a time.  Sometimes the symptoms are overwhelming and sometimes I breeze through them.  I know I am not attractive in this picture, that's the point.  I am not always Grumpy Ember, but when I am, this is what I look like and it feels as bad as it looks.
For the most part, my partner says I'm pretty cute and I don't look my age.  That helps a little, cuz smiling Ember beats Grumpy Ember all the way around.  I have been looking for a picture of me smiling to post on here, but so far, that has been an elusive quest.