Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yggdrasil and a little something called Thor

Sometimes I am completely blown away by how in-tune my partner is with me.  He has some interesting qualities and one of them is being able to select the perfect movie for the moment.  And that happened in such a big way that I'm still rather awed by it.
I never let on what I'm studying about, which in this case I've been pursuing the tree of life, in particular Yggdrasil.  I knew a little, but not that much about it, and the more I probed around the periphery, the more I became excited by what Yggdrasil represents.  Anyways, I was feeling antsy, like I'd skirted the actual subject matter so much that I completely missed it and I was never going to get around to study it more closely, when Sean turned down the lights and flicked on the TV.
As the opening credits rolled past with bits of film, I became entranced, that was how I'd pictured the rainbow bridge, and wasn't that... no it couldn't be Asgard, it was!  And then all of a sudden I recognized the tree, it was Yggdrasil and I couldn't help myself I actually squealed "Oh wow, it's Thor!"  I even jumped up and down I was so excited.
I loved watching the movie and enjoyed seeing the World Tree in all it's various aspects.  It was precious to me and better than most of the films I've seen lately.  For me, it was all about the tree and the legend of Thor and his kin.  This brief introduction has me curious about the more Norse aspects of my family, as well, the Norse did settle along the coast lines of England.  Not such a stretch to wonder if there are some repressed ancestral or genetic memories coming out.  No it wouldn't surprise me at all.  I don't recall reading much in the way of Norse mythology; it was all mostly Greek, and Roman for me as a kid.  I'm older and more adventurous now, there are so many unexplained things in my life and mythology seems to be filling some gaps.
It's time for me to get some serious reading done about the past in order for me to make better sense of my future.

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