Friday, September 30, 2011

The Get off your Broom Witchy Fitness Challenge

After a lot of sitting around and wishing I'd spent more time outside enjoying the weather.  I got up off my butt and looked at the big mirror in our living room.  I normally don't like looking there.... the silvered glass is so stark.... and honest however this is what greeted me:
That's me in all my glory... and don't I look thrilled.  Truth be told, I'm only 5 foot 2 and weigh a whopping 170 pounds.  As for my measurements, they go something like this:
hips 46 inches
waist 35 inches
chest 41 inches
thighs 24 inches
arms 14 inches
This is not acceptable to me.  How am I supposed to tromp through the woods and collect things without leaving more destruction than it's worth.  I let it get to far.
My true goal is to loose 60 pounds, but for now, for this project I'm halving it and for the next 3 months my goal is to loose 10 pounds a month.
The plan is simple, I will walk in my woods for an hour, every other day. On the alternate days I will do calisthenics for half an hour.  I've always eaten healthy, so that's not a problem, it's more about portion size.  My partner likes to encourage me to eat up it's yummy.  The food is yummy, but the added fat is not, so I'll be saying no to seconds and thirds.
So there you have it... my first post for the Get off your broom, Witchy Fitness Challenge.


  1. Great post! We are in this together my friend... HUGS!

  2. Congratulations on posting your photo and getting your measurements up and I think your goals are definitely achievable! I love to walk in the woods... just remember to pick up the pace! Get your heart pumpin... singing a song you love will help... move to the beat! I am posting my photo in a few minutes! You are fabulous!