Saturday, October 1, 2011

The one hour walk

So I start my journey with the getting off my broomstick with a walk, an hour long walk and ramble and even a climb up a very step rocky outcrop.  I walked the whole time, only stopping long enough to take a few photos.  My legs hurt, my butt hurts and my hands hurt, but it was nice to know I could still climb, even with the added poundage.  It was a good walk and I came home with this huge sense of satisfaction.  I feel better, and tomorrow I do calisthenics unless I do my big shop... my big shop is an hour of running around the superstore, and filling a cart to overflowing.  This is taxing on the mind, on the body and on the soul, because the prices make me want to rant.  So lets return to my happy space and here are the pictures I took from going for my walk.  By the end of the month I want to be able to walk the entire way around WestWood Lake in an hour.  I've not done the entire circuit yet, but I am getting close.

The lake is filled with dead trees.
I climbed that hill coming and I climbed it going... HAHA - Take that!
These guys here were fishing for Wide Mouth Bass and their dog was real friendly.
This one shows the tops of the trees more closely.
A great view of the lake and the shore.
Ok... I know this is not the lake, this is the path home, and I cross this way many times.  It's at the top of that hill that I climb and there is a sense that witches have worked here.  There are little offerings of balancing stones frequently found her, and a clearing that looks as though it's been swept and rocks placed in just such a way.  This time they are all together, but I have seen them in a round and other shapes.  It even looks like the log at the back is a bench of some kind.  
I made my way home and slumped myself down on the couch with a glass of water, because I knew I'd overdone it a bit and I would not be getting up for quite a while.  


  1. Would you adopt me? Please! I don't eat much, and I'm a Marine, so I know how to clean, follow orders and I'm a good shot, so I can hunt if you eat meat or get rid of unwanted company, your choice. I just want to walk around your place, my gods! How awesome.

    And the bit about your butt hurting made me roar. My thighs weren't very after my stairs climbing, yesterday, and they screamed when I ran today. So I feel you, but I know we can do it sister!

    I'm off to write my post!

  2. wonderful pics and if i had scenery like that close to me i would be outdoors more too :-)

  3. What a fantastic walk! I am also working on the Challenge. Your first day was prettier than mine, lol.

  4. hey Magaly, I'd love to adopt you. We could go tromp through the bush together. Wow we would compliment each other well. I lived in the woods for a while, off the grid. It was an amazing experience, one I hope to do again. :D If anyone is out in the Nanaimo area doing this challenge, they are welcome to join me on my walks. :D

  5. Unbelievable place. The lake is truly enchanting! Blessed be on this 3 month journey.
    Great start!

  6. Good luck! You're lucky to have a beautiful place to walk.

  7. Wow what amazing pics, your walk had to have been inspiring!!!!

  8. I am lucky to have such a walk. Not sure how much longer I'll have it. However I'll enjoy it when I can and mmm it's almost mushroom season... the air is just cold enough and damp enough.... Besides, I know where they hide :D