Monday, October 17, 2011

Off Kilter

I am starting to think that I am off kilter.  I'm a libra and my balance is way off.  I know this and am aware of how it is affecting me.  It's hit my writing and my arts and crafts.  I don't even want to cook any more.  I feel like a hollow shell and that I have forgotten my path.  My path is... and then it trails off into nothingness.  Now I have done some interesting things magically, but can I write about them,.... no.... what comes out is anguish.  I really do have much to share, like I think I've found my spiritual path.... not just the Wheel of the Year.... I have discovered thorough going over my memories and taking certain steps to improve the quality of my life that I may even have a teacher.  This too may even get me out of here.  I think I'm mostly afraid of jinxing it last minute.  I'm working on a letter right now and hoping to change my stars.  To study with a Shaman would be so awesome for me.  It is what I have hoped for.
I keep my fingers crossed!


  1. I hope you find your balance soon. And I hope this shaman is exactly what you need and expect.

    You know, I wrote a post a couple of years ago. I was struggling, trying to figure out what I wanted to study and if my witchery would fit into it. I made some mistakes... and did some things the right way... Today, I can't say I know exactly where am going, for that would be remarkable. But I know that whatever I choose will have to do with my witchery, for I can't (and won't) separate myself from my witchy self.

    I will light a candle and think about you and balance.

    Here is the post if you want to read it. Ignore the typos lol

  2. Try taking one step back. Repeat the last thing you did that worked. Or go back to real basics - make bread.

  3. I like that idea, it's been a long time since I've baked. :D