Monday, October 3, 2011

Rant Alert - Evil Landlords deserve what they get

(This being a rant, it may be vulgar, and jump around a bit.  I'm still angry, more than angry, but at least I have most of my words back.)

Seriously - you are my landlord... do you not see my name on the lease.  You tell my partner you didn't think I lived here any longer because I went away for a month and stayed with my son.  You saw me come back.... You are difficult to live below, you are rude and your children are worse... You peek in the windows and hover around doorways trying to get snippets of conversation.  Why do that if I'm not here and my partner lives alone.   In fact you have been in the house and right in front of me you tell my partner how worthless I am and that I do things while he's at work... oh if you mean read witch books and blogs.... sorry he already knows you tattle tale as for anything else that would be a lie I'm too busy reading.   Do you think we are completely stupid.  You are playing a dangerous game myfriend considering immigration is at your doorstep.  I am just this side of running up to the top of the cliff and yelling your name out to the gods for them to deal with you post haste.  I have curses to utter all using blunt and rusty implents of destruction on your most treasured body parts.... don't worry it won't be touching your head... there's not enough brains to worry about there.  

You've turned away my mail... and what few you have let through have been steamed open.  You want me gone and you want my partner to get a new room mate so you can charge more rent... that was not the deal... you've renegged on all the deals and all you do is hold out your hand for more money... you refused us receipts and we paid in cash...... and now you have your come upance and you want my partner to fix it so you don't get in trouble.  well... no we won't.... we want our receipts... your soon to be ex wife wants her part of that money... and she wants her house back.... 

If I do leave my partner it is because I want it... not because you made him throw me out on the streets... this is the worse part... because this is what has been suggested because I don't work. I do clean the house, make the meals, do the shopping, run the household to the point that well I don't have much time for me to get my things done and I barely fit my life in around my partners and the landlords.... somewhere along the lines it was mentioned I am woman... I am evil... I must be kept busy... I honestly thought they were joking...

We've decided to move... as quickly as we can, but I'm not going to be able to pack anything up if he keeps up on stuff...  so that's where I'm at.  Okay forget mountain climbing for now... I'm still sore from last climb... but some serious magic is going down and that fucker is getting bound so tight he won't be able to shit for a month.

Ok.... rant over we return to our normal programming.


  1. That sounds like an awful situation. I hope it gets better for you soon.

  2. I suspect that the Karma Fairy is watching and what comes around is going to go around and bonk him on his pointy little head. We'll find a new place in the next month or so and then I can get back to the business of being a witch not a bitch:D