Saturday, October 15, 2011

It's check in time for the Witchy Fitness Challenge

So After all that I have found out in the last couple of days, I've been surprisingly calm and using it to my advantage with the Witchy Fitness Challange.  Walks are good things, very good things.  I'm getting out 3 days a week.  I'm hoping to get that up to 5 days by next check in, but I'll have to see.  My partner, I've noticed is not very supportive, but then I don't need him for support.  He wants bacon... always bacon and he likes to give me extras by putting it right in my mouth.  I know he is sabotaging me and my lofty goals, but I keep my portions down and I know how much he loves bacon and I talk him into no more than a bite now, so ha....  Breakfast, fortunately is the only meal we have together now because of his schedule for being a security guard.  The other plan I'm working on while I walk is how to get out of here even more quickly so that my desire to be healthy is not trod upon.  Walking is a good think tank enducer.
I'm going to keep up with this and hopefully I'll be able to log in with a weight loss or diminishing inches.  One thing I do know, I'm not going to let anything stand in my way.  I read somewhere that the truth can set you free, I believe it now.  :D  To all you ladies I hope you stick with this program, I think it's working.  I'm already getting out more than I used to, I'm meeting new people and starting to hook up with old friends I haven't talked to in years.


  1. Your partner sounds like a great man--he might be related to my Piano Man who insist on buying my favorite bread, something I can resist.

    How is your tummy doing?

  2. If you've always enjoyed the extra bacon, it can be tough for him to realize right away just how serious you are about changing your life, and just how much support you need from him. In the beginning, the BF continued to buy me chocolates as a sign of affection, and I guess he still misses it - it's the easiest way he knows to show his affection. But he's being a good guy, most of the time.

  3. My husband used to to do that as well (still does sometimes). It was hard for me to finally say - no thank you, but once I did, it worked. When he pouted I held firm and didn't eat the offerd food and it has been easier every time - yes he still offers me things I shouldn't have but I only taste them if I really want to. Now when he pouts I remind him how important it is for me to be healthy and lose weight. Sometimes men don't get it. Stay strong and do what is best for you!!

  4. Magaly, my stomach is doing better, I got some distance help from Arcadian and that worked wonders, and I'm walking more. Thank-you.
    You could be right, he may be grapsing at straws trying to right the wrongs of the past. I'm working on the staying strong part. I need to stay here until I can get a little cash behind me. That is a couple of months away yet. Cheating always blows in an ill wind.