Sunday, October 16, 2011

Samhain - Out with the Old, in with the New

It's Sunday, so I'm doing my usual "tour de blog" (catching up on the blogs I missed during the week) and there was a common theme.  Samhain, the time of crossing over, ancestor worship and the ancient relighting of the hearth-fires, is also known as a New Year of sorts.  I must admit that it makes sense to have a beginning starting out on this date.  Now, when I was a girl, we celebrated Halloween by running around in costumes and collecting candy, then at the end of the evening, around ten pm we would all gather at the three-way crossroad on our quiet road and watch fireworks that our fathers put on.  There was that sulfury smell on the air and you could sense the magic if you were weird like me.  Our street bordered a forest, not a wood, a forest, vast and lush with a canyon and waterfalls, a river, trees and trails that led on occasion to a small little log cabin.  In the fall if my big lumberjack cousin was visiting we would go traipsing through there and he made sure we were always home in time for dinner.
It's now only a couple of weeks away until Samhain begins.  Whenever I go out I'm transported to other times and my memories fill me with a joy that gets me through the day.  I recall pumpkins being carved on the faux stone floors in the basement while watching Halloween cartoons.  I remember creating costumes for my small children when kids could still run around and collect the booty door to door.  The memories of reading 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow' under the covers with a flashlight until the wee small hours and not getting caught.  From these thoughts I harness my inner strength and feel as though I am able to handle anything.
I start the beginning of my Wheel of the Year in about two weeks.  My life is full of getting rid of the old and starting with the new.  I have a new page on Facebook that only my friends know of.  I have this blog that is mine and still somewhat new.  Rest is the key, keeping focused on my goals will help me get there faster.

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