Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Check in for the Get Off your Broom Challange

So today is the The Get Off Your Broom Challenge check in.  I thought I would have aced this, but no.  There have been a few interruptions and upsets and now my stomach  has reacted in the worst way possible, and the very reason I became a couch bound witch is rearing it's ugly head.  I hate IBS.... I curse it and send it back to the bowels of Hades, where it can wreak it's havoc on someone more deserving (I have a list of more deserving).  Hard core exercise is off limits until my stomach settles down again.  Walks are good and instead of the calisthenics and walking every other day, I"m switching up to something I can accomplish.... Walks every other day and easy to eat foods, like rice, poultry, jello, simple soups, poultry, nothing that will aggravate this tummy of mine.  With luck this will be better in a couple of weeks, it always blows over as long as I don't over do.
However there is one exception..... being Canadian we have Thanksgiving on the 10th of October, so we are still doing Turkey Day and I will not give up my stuffing.  Thankfully sweet potato, butternut squash and mashed potatoes are easy on the tummy, and turkey is poultry :D.  There will be no wine, but I might make a Chai tea for sipping on in the afternoon, while we smell that turkey cooking.  I'm doing the turkey tomorrow, it's an all day event, we like it slow cooked at a low temperature, and having it fall off the bone all juicy and moist is the best way to eat it. Then there is the next day off being all sleepy and relaxing from all the tryptophan in the bird.
One more thing I'll be doing is looking up ways to alleviate stress, maybe take up yoga or something so that this does not happen again.


  1. Bad IBS! Bad IBS! How dare you touch cute Ember with your fiery annoyance? And right before Thanksgiving too! Not very nice.

    Feel better soon and take something to make your tummy better.

    I was bad last week, so this week I'll do calisthenics for both of us!

  2. I hope you feel better soon - I know IBS is a really awful thing to deal with.

    It seems like most of us had a rubbish week so don't feel bad. We'll do better next week!

    Happy Thanksgiving for tomorrow!

  3. I have practiced distance healing and will send you vibes so you may get some relief from
    your discomfort.

    If you can let me know when you are better.


  4. Thank you so much for your help Arcadian, the pain and suffering that go with this are much less, and I was out walking this morning.